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Photography: Abi Campbell | Little Creative Factory IG: @littlecreativefactory

Ever wonder what it’s like backstage at a fashion show? We got a chance to chat with Little Creative Factory about the brand and behind the scenes of their latest fashion show in Barcelona.

We’re also excited that Cristina, the owner is moving to NYC as an expansion plan for the company!

We’ve always been a fan of your runway shows, ever since the chair show at Petite Parade. 

Thank you for your kind words, for Little the energy and affection that people show us is fundamental. We put all of our energy and dedication into creating pieces that are different, that make people emotional. We make garments that inspire people to dream, to be playful but that ultimately provoke feelings.

What is the process of planning a fashion show?

A creative process, a show that reflects the collection’s creative inputs, that expresses and triggers emotions. The models, the place, the music, the atmosphere… all of these are important to make the event a magical one. There are also all the invitations, media coverage to organise so that your work gets visibility.

How do you involve your daughter in the process? 

Ona is our muse, our inspiration. She is key to expressing who the Little woman is, she always takes part in the fashion shows and plays an important role in the whole creative process and the inspiration behind them. A lot of the strength and momentum comes from her daughter, who was in fact the reason Cristina started Little Creative Factory to begin with. 

What is your favorite part? 

The love and passion that I have for my work, the fact that I adore the whole process, in particular how excited I am about the creative phase of each new collection, creating a new world for each one and working very closely with my production team. The most important thing for my, as the creator, is to see how an idea becomes something physical, turns into a creation. The Makers collection perfectly expresses all of that.

What was the inspiration for the bandages and big wigs? (totally loving the hair.)

The wigs and the bandages came from the idea that the models represent the creation, they are pure works of art and were under creation by their creator, they are incomplete, work in progress….

How would you describe your work in 3 words? 

The passion, the love and the delivery of it are the three words that best describe the work.

How important is social media to your brand?

It is the window that connects us to the universe, that tells the public all about what it means to be Little.  Through social media we also get to see directly the clear, sincere and direct feelings and opinions of our clients and admirers of the brand…. These days social media is a fundamental part of having daily and honest contact with the public and plays an important role for very brand. 

What is one thing we don’t know about you?

That for me it is my family above all else that matters, they are the driving force of my life, my flagship smile and that I understand that there are many different ways to express creativity and that I do so in all the different aspects of my life.

When will the collection be available?

The collection launches at the end of August in both are multi-brand outlets, online and in our own shop. It is a very special moment because the woman’s collection is the protagonist this time and we are super excited to present it to the general public and see how it is received.

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