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Guest post by: Valerie Torstenson

This shoot was so much fun! We had free range of the farm. The cows, dogs and sheep were all out. So I tried to use them in the shoot too. There was one cow that was all about us, as you can see in the photos. There was also a dog named Henry that followed us all over the farm. He was a sweetie, but the girls tried to avoid him after he rolled in some cow poo. We also used the amazing old trucks she had in the middle of the field. They were so cool and the girls loved climbing on them. We also got to see the sheep. There is a picture were the girls are running back to me, they tried to chase the sheep but they took off. Shortly after Ann, the owner of the farm let the girls into the barn were the sheep were eating and they got to pet them! Along with the awesome old trucks she also had two airstreams, one new and one old. The girls had so much fun looking in them and pretended like the old one was haunted. Over all this was such a great shoot, because the girls got to have so much fun and it was a real farm adventure!

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IG: Valluvcreations

Hair by: Kayla Dawson

Annie Brooks (age 11) represented by Seattle talent
Kayla Cortes (age 13) represented by coast to coast (LA)
Kendall Dawson (age 12) represented by Seattle talent
Kristy Alcaraz (age 9) represented by Seattle talent
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