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We asked our friend Erin Rechner from WGSN to pick her 5 favorite trends from our March issue. Erin is the Senior Childrenswear editor and forecaster at WGSN. Let’s hear her top 5!

Photo by Vika Pobeda featuring FORTE DEI MARMI COUTURE Jacket

Oil-slick metallic trucker jacket- Combining traditional denim jacket details with high-shine materials creates the perfect statement jacket for girls. Metallics have no boundaries, spotted across all seasons and shapes.  Keep an eye out for rich copper tones in seasons to come, as we are forecasting it as a new core color into S/S 21.

Photo by Leonie Freeman featuring ILONA HARS Dress

Cloud blue quilted plush skirt– Taking cue from the adult market, quilting makes its way onto all items including tops, skirts and pants which we noted at the recent trade shows and key editorials. We can’t get enough of quilting for kidswear and are loving this plush skirt that highlights an organic quilting pattern, refreshing traditional linear layouts.

Photo by Karolina Henke featuring JET RAG LOS ANGELES Shirt, BURBERRY Tie and Scarf

Plaid layering– We are already tracking #checksonchecks on WGSN’s new feature called the Fashion Feed where plaids are layered, spliced and printed to create fresh new patterns. Hooligans is right on the mark by styling three different plaids together, creating a bold approach to traditional heritage themes.

Photo by Frank Malthiery featuring
GOLD Long Sleeve Dress @ Les Petit Chapelais in New York PINK CHICKEN Metallic Dress (underneath)

Layered up greens– Neo mint has been bubbling up as a must-have color across men’s, women’s and kids and we are here for this layered-up green look. Working as a trans-seasonal color for kids, we are noting pops for A/W as well as evolving into S/S21 so keep an eye on shades of mint.

Photo by Karolina Henke featuring KENJI TOKYO Sweater

Character oversized sweater-Perhaps I am biased with this pick as I just got back from a trip to Japan where I checked out Tokyo Disneyland, but nostalgia is here to stay. Old vintage characters are making a comeback with focus on the 90s era. The Rugrats recently released a collaboration with Fila, there is a Looney Tunes and Space Jam movie in the works, and a Spongebob movies is slotted for 2020.

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