End of Summer

Trendy Hooligans | End of Summer 

Photography: Josh Rothstein | Styling: Jill Rothstein

My husband, photographer and director, Josh Rothstein and I have been taking our family out to Montauk for 5 years. With my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and our nephews in tow, we were headed again at the end of this summer. We have always loved the hotel we stay in.  It’s called The Breakers, and it’s owned by the incredibly talented jewelry designer, Helen Ficalora and her family. It’s simple and beautiful. It has row style motel rooms and camp bunk-style cabins with kitchens and outdoor barbecues surrounded by blue Hamptons sky and facing what is dubbed, “The End”… the tip of Long Island jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean with no land obstructing the view all the way to Europe.  As we were leaving our house in Brooklyn to head out there, it occurred to me that I wished we had planned a shoot. So as Josh packed up the car, I shot an emergency email over to Oeuf, who’s showroom is only a few blocks from my house, and before I knew it, our car was packed up with buckets, pails, beach chairs, and tons of clothes, accessories, and rugs from Oeuf! My daughter and nephew had the best time dressing up and playing with the colorful, soft Oeuf pillows. Josh and I loved imagining the shot of our kids and our nephews snuggling under the “LOVE” rug, and watching it come to fruition amongst giggles and cuddles.  It wound up being a truly playful, friendly, sweet shoot that, not only do I get to share with Hooligans Magazine, but that I get to keep as a family heirloom for the rest of our lives.

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