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In celebration of Earth Day today, we decided to create something fun AND eco-friendly. The moon mask is crazy simple to make and you can make it out of things you have just lying around the house!

Things you’ll need:image-11


Materials :
One cereal box
A pencil
Tape measurer ( not pictured )
White + Blue Paint
Paint brushes ( optional )
Paper plate ( optional )

1. Lay down the newspaper so that it covers the surface you will be working on
2. Unfold the cereal box so that it is flat, you will not require the scissors for this step. The box should come undone easily.
3. Use the scissors to cut down one of the center folds so that you have half of the box and set the other half to the side.
4. Take a pencil and trace a circle on the half of the box ( try to make the circle as large as possible but not going off of the cardboard ). Once you have a circle use the scissors to cut the circle out.
5. Take a tape measurer and measure how long your child’s face is, then measure that distance onto the circle ( make sure to use the side that doesn’t have the design on it so that the pencil will show up + draw lightly since you will be painting on this side) and use the pencil to make a mark. Next use the measurer to measure from the top of your child’s forehead to the center of their nose in-between their eyes. Align the tape measurer up to the dash on the circle and make a mark where the last measure was and draw a horizontal line so that it goes straight across the cardboard. Then going across from ear to ear and over their eyes to find the measurement of where each eye is. For example when measuring our son from ear to eat it was 9″, his eyes are from inch 3 to inch 4, with a space , then from inch 5 to inch 6. Measure and make those marks onto the horizontal line. Finally either measure ( toddlers can be a bit tricky to measure on this step ) or estimate how big your child’s eye is and from the measurements on the cardboard draw the shape of the eyes.
6. Using the pencil poke a hole in the middle of each drawn eye, this gives you room to put the the scissors through the hole and cute the eyes out. Once the eyes are cut out carefully use the end of the scissors to poke a hole at each end of the horizontal line. This will be for the yarn to go through later.
7. Now time for the fun part 🙂 you can use a paper plate or use the extra cereal half to take the white + blue paint and pour a little of each onto the cereal half or paper plate. This is the time to let your child get involved 🙂 using paintbrushes or letting your child use their fingers it’s time to paint the circle like a moon (If you would like you can pull up a photo of the moon or print a photo out to look at for a reference. You can let your child paint how they think the moon may look or what they would like the moon to look like. Have fun with it! )
8. After you finishing painting set the mask aside to dry.
9. Once the mask is dry using the scissors cut two equal pieces of yarn (there is no certain length but make sure to make them long enough so that they can tie around your child’s head ). Take one piece of yarn and put one end trough the hole on the edge of the mask, tie a knot. Do the same on the opposite side with the second piece of yarn.
10. All done ! Time to put the mask on and have some fun 🙂

image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8 image_9 image_10Craft + Photography by: Gaylin Nicole

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