DIY paper sunflowers

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Paper Sunflowers

Guest post by: Mina Caragay


Tissue paper
Frozen pizza cardboard (or cardboard cut into circle)
Craft paint


Begin by painting the center of the Sunflower on the circle cardboard. I used mainly brown with a darker inner circle, then added yellow for seed details.


Use the paper tissue to cut out petal shapes. Before gluing down the petals to the cardboard base, pinch the bottom middle of the petal to create a 3d effect. Glue enough petals to make your way around the base. Then create another circle with the petals around the edge of your painted Sunflower center. 2015-09-24_09.53.59

Create a finished look by lining the inner most petal circle with fringed trim (tissue paper 2″ wide folded in half, then fringed with scissors). 2015-09-24_09.52.51

These sunflowers make for fun decor or photo backdrop. I used additional paper tissue and construction paper to create the stern and leaves. Your little ones will love these gigantic sunflowers!2015-09-24_09.59.00


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