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Guest post by: Mina Caragay

Why buy a Halloween costume when you can express yourself and have fun making your own! I put together three different looks that rely mainly on styling and few inexpensive DIY crafts.
To create this look, I styled my little one in a pink dance leotard, fur vest, white tights and ballet shoes. To complete the look, I made a Unicorn headband, using yarn and felt, with inspiration from this tutorial.
unicorn close unicorn pose unicorn side 2 unicorn stomp 2
Mary Poppins
Becoming this magical nanny is easy! If you have a white button down and black or navy skirt, you’re already half way there. Hit up your local thrift stores for a black hat and oversized vintage bag. You can also make your own hat by using felt like I did. Next, attach a few artificial flowers to the hat with the help of a hot glue gun. Don’t forget the red bow tie and umbrella!
close hat look up umbrella overhead upandaway
Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice
Tranform into this cool goth by simply styling in all black. My toddler didn’t have enough hair to pull off Lydia’s signature spikey bangs, so my solution- I used black halloween paint! Don’t forget to add a fun prop. I printed out an image of the book from the movie and made it into a book cover.  Cardigan: HM shoes: Dr. Marten
holding book lydia close up lydia deetz lydia deetz dets


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