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My family loves loves this time of the year. What’s not to like! The mosquitos are gone, the air is crisp, the trees have brilliant shades of orange and purple, the sweaters are out, so it all calls for a trip or two or three to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard.

Not to forget it’s almost time for Halloween. Its candy galore everywhere you go, sorry dentist we promise to be good after Halloween ;). There are pumpkins, mums, and cobwebs (not real ones otherwise I will really scream) jars of candy corn, black bubble gum, and all sorts of spooky treats all over the house… My kids even covered their bedroom door with paper bats, Witches stay out…

I love any reason to celebrate, and when its candy themed holiday you can definitely count me in. For my little toddler I made her a bubble gum edible necklace, she loved it so much we made a whole bunch to pass out as treats for her little dancer friends at ballet class.

Blow your mind bubble gum necklace

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For this project you will need:

  • Thin colorful ribbon
  • Halloween themed bubble gum and candy
  • A thicker needle DSC_9862 (2)

To assemble the necklace you will need to thread the ribbon through the needle, poke the gum from one side coming out of the other just as you would sew a button. You will need a little elbow grease to thread through the sugary coating of the gum. A few gum balls and your little one got an edible Halloween necklace. No tricks here all treats. I added a few candy corn to ours per my daughter’s request.


It’s always fun to surprise the kids with a few new things for Halloween, it keeps them spooked out with excitement. And the kid in me likes it too much to.. shhh ..Don’t tell them they will use it against me 😉

For Halloween I am going to make the kids Crackling milk and candy, sorry cookies I promise I will make it up to you soon.. This is hardly a recipe…


For the crackling milk and candy you will need:

  • Your kid’s favorite milk
  • For every 6 oz of milk you will need a pouch of pop rocks.
  • Wooden skewers…one per kid
  • Assorted candy that you can skewer. I used Twizzlers, black licorice, gummy warms and bubble gum.

Assemble the candy on the skewers, pour the milk, add the pop rocks stir with the candy skewers and listen to the crackly milk and the endless giggles. Not to mention your milk will taste great.

You guys know you want these too…so make sure you make one for you too.

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Happy Happy Halloween….


Mai from @almondandfig

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