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 Halloween Pretty- How to get the look

Photos, words and styling by Charlotte Cretney: @little_hepburn 
Audrey Cretney is wearing Hux.


What you need:
Step 1 photo:
What you need: Feathers, cardstock (two color’s). For a boy I think blue would look quite cute (but boys can rock pink too). Glue-gun I found best for sticking on the feathers, I tried to use a glue stick, but it didn’t stick the feathers well. Scissors, craft-knife, elastic, a printer (unless you’re good at freehand) and a pencil. Any other things you’d like to decorate your mask with: glitter, coloring pencils the world is your oyster. 
Step 2: Pick a template for your mask (we picked a cat) but there are so many awesome choices online. Foxes are really on trend for boys this Halloween. When I printed out the template I scaled it to 80% to fit a 1 year old. I would guestimate scaling to about 70% for a baby. For an older child I would print the original mask. 
Step 3: Cut your template out, and then trace around (making sure you draw on the back of the card not the side you’re using). I traced the outline pressing down hard along the outline so it would show the details and so I knew where to cut the eyeholes. Then cut out your mask. NOTE: Get an adult to do this part: Use the craft knife to cut out eyeholes and the holes for the elastic.  
Step 4: Now to do the ears and nose. I traced the nose and ears on the template onto my pink card then cut them out and glued them onto the mask. 

Step 5: Add the elastic or string to hold mask on, tying the knots onto the inside of the mask so you can’t see them. Make sure to measure the elastic for your child’s head.-N_uPAf5M6Cu_9ViVMk7gmC2s3TnIp7u4IYP-38B2Bg,cfeSFpkGQw-WWarPiLOuiYh4vu--x_5AlQsvS3cL5kQ,M05wAQMfEc67L6I77Q6rhOOKYyy6eEAS10ovKiCEXBg

TIME FOR THE FEATHERS: Now for the fun bit!! Glue on the feathers you have chosen. Any type would look awesome! This bit is a bit of a free-style, let your kids get in there and draw or color how they want. This is what I love crafting you never know how it will end up and everything is open to interpretation. I started at the ears and worked my way down the mask, layering the feathers up as I went.Fd3e_c5Y_NsxEyWd4LcGnE8D_v-JATPVAMrvg2I3NyA,wBkpVaH0VLjp0wC4fHpv7Yn9uNigYMKKFG7TEVz7ekY,bn-TaNpU3pdmlad6ZZSqAJGMzZzwTDysvVd61yKWCXc
Step 6: I trimmed back the feathers with little scissors, if it didn’t look right and around the eyeholes.etJi8NtohmKZMGwafobdXAbGzxM-rK7Hbm1bBuoamiM,_6TtoiMkaQoV3ZZXjdfH7j7hQr_wxaV0MXL9KxLbiPc
Step 7/8/9 I decided my mask needed a bit of prettiness, so I made a bow (this was my favorite bit to do and I can’t
believe I’ve never made a bow before)!! Once you have finished your bow glue-gun it onto your mask. Tutorial for the bow:’t wait to see all your masks tag @hooligansmagazine and @little_hepburn so we can see yours!!
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