DIY Fox Mask

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Guest post by: Paula Jackson


Instructions: supplies you’ll need, a multicolor construction paper pad super heavyweight paper, a pair of craft scissors, hole puncher, Elmer’s glue, pipe cleaners (aka fuzzy sticks) and any mask template of your choice.


Begin by printing out a downloadable mask template of your choice. Cut out the outline of the template and trace onto your main color of construction paper.12181973_10208116997627618_2042167353_n

Then cut the template into its smaller components and trace onto a contrasting color of construction paper. (I made my nose a separate piece attached to the middle of my mask)

The next step is simple. Help your child assemble the mask by gluing the pieces in its place.

Last and final step, cut out the eyes using your scissors (or exacto knife) and use the hole puncher to make the holes on each side. Attach one pipe cleaner to each side and you’re all set!12188419_10208116994907550_464196683_n12179926_10208116421093205_196869211_n


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