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Guest post by: Anna Wright Bingham

Ryann is a 6 year old, fun loving kid, that loves modeling. There is nothing she loves more than an “outside of the box” photo shoot. Ryann had the opportunity to be on the Channel 4 TV show, Good Things Utah. She was modeling for the clothing company Ryleigh Rue. While on the show, we were able to meet the creators of Lolli Puff Cotton Candy. We instantly fell in love with their delicious cotton candy. After talking with them, the idea came to me! A cotton candy photo shoot! We collaborated with Modernechild, Born Famous Apparel, Reign Boutique and Breanna Jewels to get a fun pink outfit. Sam Hurst, from Stream Line Hair Design, was able to make Ryann’s hair look like cotton candy and put some fun pink makeup on her. We then headed up to Peach Days in Brigham City Utah with Rachel Crane, from Crane&Co photography, and created something quirky and fun! Ryann had a blast roaming the fair grounds, strutting her PINK, cotton candy self.

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