Concrete Rainbow

Hooligans Canvas | Concrete Rainbow

Photography Sarah Winborn at S Management IG |  Styling Anna Morris at Era Management IG | HMU Rachael Thomas IG | Model Isabella at Grace and Galor

Concrete Rainbow is a contrasting splash of rainbow colours against the hard, textured, towering concrete of the city of London. The perfect mix of brutalist architecture and the colours of summer

Jumper by Molo at

Dungarees by Bonton

Jumper by Mini Rodini

Polo shirt worn under by Gucci Kids

Skirt by Sonia Rykiel

all at

Bodysuit by Bang Bang Copenhagen at Luna&Curious

Cropped jeans by Stella McCartney Kids

Dress by Burberry

Jacket by Stella McCartney Kids

Both at

Jacket by Noe&Zoe

Top by Stella McCartney Kids at

Skirt by Hundred Pieces at

Sunglasses by Someday Soon

Vest by Noe&Zoe

Polo shirt by Gucci at

Jeans by Billie Blush at

Jacket by Noe&Zoe

Playsuit by Mini Rodini at

Necklace by Tatty Devine


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