Children of the Woods

Trendy Hooligans | Children of the Woods

Photography: Amber Eggleden | Makeup: Dominic Paul | Styling & Hair Stylist: David James Cochrane |
Models: Sofia @Bonnie and Betty & Tia @Daisy & Dukes

both-outfits-2-3-bw both-outfits-3-2 sofia-outfit-1-1 sofia-outfit-3-1 sofia-outfit-3-2 sofia-outfit-4-1-bw sofia-outfit-4-2 sofia-outfit-4-3 sofia-outfit-4-4 sofia-outfit-5-1 sofia-outfit-5-2-bw sofia-outfit-5-3 sofia-outfit-5-4-bw tia-outfit-1-2 tia-outfit-1-4 tia-outfit-3-2 tia-outfit-3-3 tia-outfit-4-1-bw tia-outfit-4-3 tia-outfit-5-2-bw tia-outfit-5-3 tia-outfit-5-4

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