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Guest post by: Nathan Blaney

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and work with two great local models, Elliana and Cailyn. Because of their local knowledge, we were able to visit locations off the beaten path of most Chicago tourists. We began at a local marina where we were lucky enough to be invited in and onboard a variety of boats – such luck! We then switched wardrobe and moved to a nearby beach, which happened to provide us with an excellent location. The wind was strong from the incredible thunder and lightining storms from the night before and it was busy blowing the dramatic clouds out of the sky – but not before we were able to capture some images with them – what a great mood the weather set! Afterwards, we moved to the iconic Navy Pier, where we shot probably the last fashion shoot with the soon to be removed ferris wheel. All in all, an exciting tour of the city with some terrific people!

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Photography by :Blaney Photo

Elliana |1st look at the Marina: Sweater-Forever 21; shorts-Gap Kids; Shoes-Keds 2nd look at the beach: jeans-Abercrombie; shirt-Forever 21; andĀ of course the Calvin Kleins 3rd look at Navy Pier: dress-Forever 21; boots-Rock & Candy

Cailyn | marina Shirt: Gap Kids Shorts: J Crew Shoes: Keds Belt: Forever21

Cailyn: Shirt: Future State Jeans: Hollister Calvin Klein underwear

Cailyn: Dress: Forever21 Boots: Dr Martens


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