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CHIC smart clothes is about inteligence, creativity and imagination.

We create clothes thinking about children’s potential. We also want to teach parents that clothing is a great opportunity for them to play with children and to create new ways of wearing clothes. Our idea is very simple: clothes that grow with kids are reversible, mostly unisex, and easy to mix and match all together. Every item, literally every one, has several ways of wearing to be discovered. While designing new coats, dresses or blouses we are thinking about new possibilities, combinations and children’s comfort. Beside their development, our priority is the best quality in every detail. That’s why all fabrics and accesories come from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland. We choose only eco materials and we believe that it’s the only way to produce according to the fair trade rules.

Every item has been sewed in our factory based in Poland, so our whole team guarantees the highest quality and the best care for children and their parents. We are sure, that by giving kids a chance to express their creativity from the early age we create a chance to show and release the future genious. The combination of fun, learning, and discovering new solutions at the same time is natural and organic, simple and intuitive. We know that smart kids will find totally new and different ways of wearing CHIC smart clothes because their imagination is unlimited yet.

There is no such brand that brings all those values to families: teaching, development, stimulation, engagement, bringing beauty and comfort with the idea and quality, eco and fair trade. It’s hard to believe that all this together really works… so there is only one way to check it out!354C0482 354C888 354C7575 354C8053 354C8099

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