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Leading children’s retailer Chasing Fireflies is partnering with multi-platinum musician, style icon and fashion entrepreneur Gwen Stefani to launch an exclusive line of Harajuku Lovers kids’ clothing and accessories for Fall/Holiday 2015. The collection will include fashionable girl’s apparel, accessories, costumes and unique party supplies created exclusively for Chasing Fireflies. The Harajuku Lovers collection is a fashion-forward line for girls inspired by Japanese street-style and infused with a colorful and whimsical aesthetic with a cool rock and roll edge. The line includes casual wear clothing, party dresses, outerwear, and age appropriate costumes for girls of toddler age to 13 years old. Jewelry, footwear, tiaras and bags complete the line with a playful set of accessories that girls will love.

“Gwen Stefani inspires us,” said David Niggli, president of Chasing Fireflies. “We know that her sense of style makes this a terrific partnership. Gwen is always chic and our customers will embrace the fanciful aesthetic of the Harajuku Lovers® collection.”

Stefani launched Harajuku Lovers in 2005, a brand that quickly evolved into a much loved and playful line of apparel, accessories, and fragrance. The line is inspired by Stefani’s lifelong admiration of Pop Art and Japanese street fashion.

“My favorite thing is working on children’s designs and Chasing Fireflies helped us take the line to a whole new level beyond what I even dreamed was possible” said Stefani. “The whole idea behind Harajuku Lovers is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dressed. This children’s collection is different than most anything you usually see out there – with great quality, unique style and amazing attention to detail. I just love it!”

Stefani and Chasing Fireflies will introduce the new collection at a private runway presentation on Thursday, September 24th at Duff’s Cakemix in Los Angeles.


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