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Trendy Hooligans | Justine Photography, Styling and Creative Direction: Olga Filenko  | Model: Justine de Rycke | MU, Hair and Assistance: Annick de Rycke | Brands: Redklin, COS  

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Trendy Hooligans | Evija Photography: Eliza Logan | Model: Evija Wardrobe: Nikolia, Le Mu London, Efvva

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Playtime Paris

Playtime Paris  By: Romaine Coonghe at Junior Style London The Playtime International Children’s and Maternity Fair launched  New Now  at its Paris show for the 21st Edition. The New Now section of the fair showcased 12 […]

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Amelia J Collection

Hooligans’ Style | Amelia J Collection  Online girl’s boutique Amelia J Collection opened this fall to the delight of microfashionistas everywhere!  This one-stop classy and trendy shop has over 70 brands and growing.   This trendy shop’s feisty […]

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Blue Daze

Trendy Hooligans | Blue Daze  Photography: Frosted Productions | Models: Rhys & Hudson | Wardrobe: Hudson: Shirt- Blu Pony Vintage, Pants- Le Carrousel Paris, Rhys: Full look- Le Carrousel Paris  

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Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand Pitbull Flower Power  Flower Power is in its third year! It’s incredible how much impact this project has had so far. Besides getting dogs adopted, it has started a revolution in the way […]

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Trendy Hooligans | Punked Photography and Styling: Nadja Pollack / Make up and Hair: Hanan Chahid / Model: Sarah    

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ro sham bo baby

Hooligans Style | ro sham bo baby  Most parents say that sunscreen is a must for their kids when it comes to playing outdoors; but did you know that sunglasses are just as important? Pediatric optometrists are […]

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Sasha & Polina

Trendy Hooligans | Sasha & Polina Photographer: Joanna Depa  Hair and Makeup: Natalia Bizinha @nataliabbeauty Models: Sasha @ Zuri Model and Talent /// Polina @ Generation Model Management  @sasha_gardee @polinao9 Clothing from Lou boutique @louforgirls     […]

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Why fit in when you were born to stand out!

Guest Post by City Girl Gone Mom, Danielle Schaffer!  @citygirlgonemom   HOOLIGANISM: n. the disruptive, rowdy behavior of a youngster Quite the contrary. In the U.S., we use ‘hooligan’ as a term of endearment for wild […]

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