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Photography: Creative Soul | Styling: Kiki Tillman |  h/m: LaChanda Gatson | Models: Saint Tillman, Harper Tillman, Rainey Broocks, Briana Ortiz

When Calibeth/kids designer Callen Hoss started working on her Fall 2016 collection, she first was inspired by just simple shapes. These simple shapes slowly transformed into space shuttles, moons, and galaxies beyond. The collection was designed for comfort and ease, while still being fashion forward. Enjoy an evening camping under the stars or a space inspired play date, either one, Calibeth/kids will have you covered this season!

Nature has always been a major part of the print development for all Calibeth collections. There are several moon prints seen throughout the collection. The Moon Phase print has been the most popular along with Full Moon. Kids love color and so does Calibeth. “Because color is such a part of growing up, we wanted to do a muted palette this season using nudes, dust, and ultraviolet,” Hoss describes.  Even naming the colors were fun! Gamma Green, Stardust, and Nova Nude are a few favorites. Of course there are still segments of Calibeth’s signature black and white prints, too. The brand traditionally focuses on minimalistic designs because the prints have a lot to say on their own. This is a signature mark of Calibeth’s creative line fit for playful kids ages two to six.

This season the line is proud to introduce a spacesuit, our version of a jumpsuit, several jackets, and plenty of separates to mix and match. As a whole, each Calibeth collection is meant to be playful, allowing children to mix and match original prints and create their own artful collage for everyday adventure. Dress all in one print or mix it up! The overall style of a Calibeth kid? Laid back with a too-cool-to-care spirit. This attitude is seen in the Calibeth/kids 2016 line and beyond. Meet Calibeth/kids at

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