Cadet Taylen

Trendy Hooligans | Cadet Taylen 

Post and styling by Angelica Calad @taylensmom | model Taylen | Photography @mairimrobles | Nikolia vest from @shanandtoad

We asked @taylensmom to pick a staple piece in her wardrobe and style it 3 different ways!

I call it the “perfect statement piece” to add to any look, because that it’s exactly what the Nikolia army blazer from Shan and Toad is all about! It’s cropped, it’s light, it’s feminine and STRONG all at the same time! -it gives structure to the most exaggerated tutu (ready for art basel?), It adds flair to any show stopper bloomer (time to hit the town!) and it gives you all the feels by just throwing it on your everyday ballet look or outfit (oh, tiny dancer!). I love finding classic pieces that can easily transition to every season and most importantly ones that are easy to wear because let’s be honest, kids fashion has to be wearable and approved by our Littles! And this one is a must!



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