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By: Cathryn Farnsworth
One thing I have learned about fashion is- you can have one dynamic piece, but you don’t always need every piece to be high end. I have been working with Brisa for many years now, and she is the epitome of a young model who can make rich designs look richer, and more cost effective fashion look as hip in person as advertisers could hope for. Brisa has the approachability and the sweetness that any photographer would love to work with. She can dig deep into her serious self and flip to playful in a heartbeat. The inspiration for this shoot was creating a diverse shoot with little drastic changes, yet accurately showcasing the sides of Brisa. From ethereal, to high fashion, to playful- all in under two hours.
Photography: Cathryn Farnsworth
Hair & Make up: Dallas Dinnocente
Styling: Sweetie Lalich

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Threads: Tunic: Charles Gray London | Boots: Ugg | One piece: Brandy Melville | Black dress: Forever 21 | Floral Dress: O’Neills | Striped Vest: Forever 21 | Zipper Boots: Forever 21



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