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We are an Australian brand who make cool children’s clothing that kids love to wear and parents want to dress them in.

At Bandit Kids we like to encourage kids to have a playful imagination and a strong connection to the earth. We love your little ones running outside, climbing trees, skateboarding, riding bikes, surfing, exploring, and enjoying endless pretend play; hunting, cowboys, Indians, robbers, dress-ups, make-believe, being a wild animal, being a bandit! Through our illustrations we want to encourage what comes naturally to kids: free thinking, imagination, dreaminess, and being impulsive, artistic, quirky, free-spirited and curious.

Each and every item we produce is carefully handmade. We love to dream up different themes for each range, ones that children can relate to and fall in love with. Our original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed by hand. Our sizing and wash instructions have also been hand-drawn and screen-printed on so that there are no itchy labels. Our swing-tags we consider extra little pieces of art, and they are printed on recycled paper with soy ink. It’s all about the details at Bandit Kids, especially because we know how much kids love precious little treasures. 1dmGFNzC3zfetHy9pSlccBeAg9jI84ujmWLGY8ZktQQ 09LpRj_3AMqbrfgw8xKUkFIqmPy_HvBvqkuz6Y5NOwo EMivdlwVEe-h5BhnqmvYM4e2Lt-p6llaiXR2bDbUarU G7NsVA6Lv3HIo6iXtla-6gmeC9StKVXNCYK87WL7H90 hATOMkv3iimkMe0U1sYL-m3j_BGUY4iAo3Bl8kbE5ec jWRW-zzMyUS4KEXdVxqXsQBbooDjJ_dU7bm79X0IEd4 kijdnWmoyuHF4cph0XnHUvFx25uCek7gp54Smijrt9k KRtoEE6ba0-_SsdRMLdpBARgDWm7Eec8zGYaSGcUbfs p4Pu-SgvV4XFj88HxOgr53yED17C-u4zbObs2yeBCCY uelE8qhBDkdM1MXdW3A04riSZP0urBJWwrYmeF0Yx2o UIcDg15uHsVS7_hvEiYJklTwGln2nOEhZbWqQcw_K0Q

Credits: Photography: Chasing Motion Photography – Carly Connors  @chasingmotion | Stylist: Katrina Sexton @dancingdaisy1 | Model: Daisy Sexton @dancingdaisy1 | Clothing: Bandit Kids  @banditkids
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