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Lets get to know the mastermind behind APPIstudio!

My name is Kim and I’m the designer behind APPIstudio.

I have a diploma in fashion from L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndical in Paris France. And I have worked for fashion company in Paris. Since having a baby I have decided to design for children. My baby loved his blanket. When he was 9 months old he named his blanket “APPI”. That is where the name APPIstudio comes from. I did not know what he meant when he said “APPI” until we realized it was the name he gave his favorite blanket. He really LOVED his blanket and it gave him a sense of warmth and security in a scary world.

My son’s blanket gave me inspiration for all of my hand knitted blankets. I decided to make these blankets as toys and to be best friends for babies. “cuddle/play/love ” these 3 words are what APPIstudio blankets are made for.

All of my items are 100% handmade, and based on original designs and knitted with care by myself in my small studio . APPIstudio is all about quality and attention to detail. I use worldwide sources for my materials to give the best quality & price for my customers. APPIstudio blankets are trademarked and have a patent status pending.

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Instagram: @appistudio
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