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Online girl’s boutique Amelia J Collection opened this fall to the delight of microfashionistas everywhere!  This one-stop classy and trendy shop has over 70 brands and growing.
This trendy shop’s feisty muse is Amelia, a mini style icon with personality and fashion sense much grander than her dress size. The owners are Sara (Amelia’s mom) and Andrea (Sara’s best friend), who have been dreaming of owning a business together since the 6th grade. They are dedicated to style, quality, and customer service – and have LOTS of fun running their boutique!   
Each piece in the boutique is exclusively curated by Sara. Most fashionable trends, must-have classics, elegant accessories, and super fun specialty items are carefully combined in this incomparable and lovely collection. Whether you have a young sophisticate, mini hipster, or a tiny tomboy, this boutique is a smart choice for holiday shopping.  
Sizes range from toddler to tween (2-14).
Free shipping over $100, and a special 15% discount to readers: use code HOOLIGANS15.  Visit to shop now! 
Miss L. Ray London Ebba Blouse in Magenta Crepe
Miss L. Ray London Edith Skirt in Denim
Manuela De Juan Diana Shoe in Old Pink Seta


Miss L. Ray London Florence Dress in Green Scuba Jersey
Bari Lynn Fur Pom Pom Headband in Emerald
Manuela De Juan Cachou in Multiglitter


Halabaloo Party Ribbon Embroidered Dress
Manuela De Juan Bosmans in Pomodoro Patent
Ella+Mila in There’s No Place Like Home
Lilies & Roses NY Acrylic Bangles


Halabaloo Winter Sunset Princess Multicolored Dress 
Bari Lyn Fur Pom Pom Headbands in Mint, Turquoise, and Royal Blue
Manuela De Juan Cachou in Multiglitter


Tarantela Chunky Wool Cardigan in Mustard
Tarantela Floral Printed Dress in Maroon Flower
Bari Lynn Fur Pom Pom Headband in Turquoise
Lilies & Roses NY Acrylic Bangles
Manuela De Juan Mat in Petroleo Patent


Caffe D’Orzo Agata Long Sleeve Paneled Knit Jersey Dress in Black
Caffe D’Orzo Matilda Belted Fur Tunic Vest in Grey
Caffe D’Orzo Lara Sparkle Wool Brooch
Manuela De Juan Capucine Boot in Black Tequila


Autumn Cashmere Mock Neck Tabard in Purple Rain
7 For All Mankind A-Pocket Flare in Rigid Lake Blue
Bari Lynn Fur Pom Pom Headband in Radiant Purple
Lilies & Roses NY Acrylic Bangles
Sons+Daughters XO Sunglasses in Lilac Pearl


Carrément Beau Faux Fur Vest with Beaded Ornament in Eglantine
Carrément Beau Silk Effect Dress in Bleu Indigo
Manuela De Juan Robine in Lumiere Bizu
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