Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Style

Magazine Feature | Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Style 

Sister duo Char and Kayla Franey founded The Porcelain Teacup in 2014. Based in Houston, Texas, this boutique offers everything from photography, custom clothing, hair & makeup, to styling for photo-shoots. Kayla tells us a little about the boutique and this editorial she shot.

Who does most of the photography? I’m the one who handles all the web, branding, advertisements, graphic design as well as Photography. When we first moved to Houston Char and I were actively involved as makeup artists working for local photographers.

Does one of you do more of the styling? Char definitely handles the styling. When it comes to hands on creativity she is our go to gal.

Does Porcelain Teacup offer your original designs or do you sell different brands? Some of the clothing in the basic line is other brands but all couture pieces are designed and hand made by Char. This can be quite tricky considering she works full time as an engineer during the day. We offer two lines in the shop, one is our everyday wear and the other is our couture line. What you see in this photo-shoot is from our “Mad Hatter” couture line.

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Photography and Styling: The Porcelain Teacup | Location: The Bake Shoppe & Cafe in Cypress Texas | Models: Mila & Suri Goodyear

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