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Guest post by: Cassie Stauffer

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Seuss.  It was such a fun opportunity to be able to style this funky, fun, and colorful photoshoot held at the Salt Lake City Library. I partnered up with one of the top kids fashion photographers in Utah, Rachel Crane with Crane & Co Photography and the end results were pretty much awesome!  Clothing from Neon Kisses Inc, Angelique Closet, and Dreaming Kids inspired this neon styled theme, Neon hair extensions from Cloud 9 Jewels, flower crowns from Nora Madison Designs, and colorful socks from Pride Socks completed these colorful modern outfits.  Models Nora, Khloee, Natalie, Gabbie, Ryann, Nelle, and Sydney strutted their stuff making the shoot a complete success.  The library folks didn’t know what hit them! So much fun and remember to always live life colorfully!


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Styling: Nora Madison, Photography: Crane and Co Photography , Models: Ryann, Khloee Jae, Sydney, Nora, Gabbie, Nelle, Natalie

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