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Guest post by: Shadè Newkirk

My inspiration for this shoot was based on a popular era in which I’ve always heard about but never experienced because I was born in the 90’s. Thankfully with my sister being an 80’s baby, I’ve had many opportunities to raid her closet and inherit vintage exclusives from brands like Coogi, Iceberg, Prada, Marithe Francois Girbaud, and Guess to name a few. It made me grow an appreciation for neon colors, bodysuits, spandex, chunky jewelry, patterns, oversized sweaters, retro bombers and funky sunglasses. Which is why I chose to go this route with this shoot. I wanted to pass the experience on to an even younger generation. This generation is fortunate because they get to experience the fashion industry through different lenses. They have the ability to channel looks from eras as early as the 1920’s all the way to present time. The Fashion industry consistently repeats itself with inspiration from each of these era’s leaving an impression on the way we view wardrobe today as well as how designers reinvent collections every Autumn /winter and  Spring/Summer. The locations we chose was a staple piece to the shoot. We chose Bushwick, located In Brooklyn New York; best known for their unique street style graffiti and homage memoirs. That day the 80’s era was relived again through yet another generation.IMG_2325 IMG_2326 IMG_2328 IMG_2329 IMG_2335

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